I figured I would introduce myself to those that who do not know me. My name is Mike Perkins and I had the GR8 experience of working for Woody a few years back in the 90ies! I have had several TR7 & 8s as far back as 1990. I am now down to two , one that is being converted to a BL Motorsport Works Rally Replica TR7V8. More can be found at www.lanocharacing.com in arsenal & Mike Perkins!

Car: 1980 Triumph TR8 Coupe (TCN160020UCF)
Build Date; 8/79
Interior: Green & Black Check
Paint: Ermine White
Miles: 97,000
Was 95% Stock

Modifications (Current):
Holley 600 Carb
BL/Huffaker intake manifold
3.5 Liter Bored .060
11.5:1 Compression
.520 Lift Cam
Chevy 327 Conn Rods
Upgraded stock Ignition
4-2-1 Headers & Rimmer Stainless Steel Rally Big Bore Exhaust
BL Works Group 4 Rally Suspension
13x8 (235/45/13 Kumho) & 13x7 Rims (205/60/13 Hankook & 215/50/13 Simitomo)
RollCage & Strut Braces
No interior insulation or carpet with Corbeau Seats
UK front & rear bumpor covers
Lucas 20-20 Driving Lights (3 sets)
Bonnet Pins & Boot Hold Downs
Spare tire post on boot lid
Lots of rally fiberglass flares and air dams!

And this is my second TR8
1980 Triumph TR8 Coupe (TCN160058UCF)
Miles: 65,000
Build Date: 8/79
Interior: Biege
Paint: Pageant Blue
Currently 80% Stock
Wedge shop lowedred spring
Koni Shocks
Upgraded Bushings
New Clutch
Rebuilt Brakes
New Stainless Steel Exhaust (Cats back)
3.08 replacement rear end from my other TR8
Car was originally from Texas with minimal rust in some odd places but more than solid and presentable!