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    Howdy all, new member here. Finally came accross this forum the other day, joined and want to say Hi. Picked up my (now, 9th or 10th) Wedge a couple months ago. Maroon '79 TR7 with a bad engine...$500.00! Coplete and unmolested rust free example. Plans for this one are to be a daily driver untill the day comes where I can afford another TR8.

    Just picked up a running 2.0L from Woody last weekend! (Hi Guys, trip went well & getting started on it today. Thanks again Wood.) Great guy, great deal and he really helped me out like so many times in the past! Looking forward to helping those I can, and meeting more great fellow wedge owners/lovers. Pic's soon to follow as well as my progress on this latest wedge project. Cheers, enjoy ...........John.
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    Looking good!
    The Wedge Shop
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