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    Hello, all:

    Most of you (except Woody!) are probably too young to remember the "golden age" of the TR-8. I (Ken) raced TR-8's in C-Production and GT-1 from 1979 to 1984, winning the C-Production (SCCA) National Championship in 1981.

    Janet and I just returned from an 11 year circumnavigation on our boat, and have settled in Annapolis (at least for now). In the process of moving all our stored "stuff" from Harrisburg, we discovered a bunch of parts (and pictures) that we didn't know we had. The "highlights" are a couple sets of close ratio gears (new) for the TR-7 and TR-8 five speed gearbox, bell housing, Jongbloed wheels, forged TR-7 crankshaft (new), new TR-8 Zenith carbs, Champion N57G and N59G Gold Palladium spark plugs, etc... When we get some time we'll make a list and post it here. I may even get a couple car pictures uploaded to our website.

    As we get organized, we hope to get to some races and meets.

    Nice looking car, Woody!
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    Hi Ken glad your back, not sure if you remember we came over to see you when you were getting ready for your trip. Please let us know what you have, hope to see you soon.

    The Wedge Shop
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    Ken- Watched you for many years at Summit Point.

    "Stick a Wedge In It"
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    Nice to hear from you Ken, and glad you picked this forum to let us know how you are doing. Looking forward to reading your posts.

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    I am in the process of building a TR8 Rally car using NOS BL Motorsports parts. I live in Ellicott City, MD not too far from Annapolis. I am very interested in the close ratio gears. I also have one of your engines too that you used for testing.
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    I used to race an FP Spitfire in the 1970's and was a spectator at Road Atlanta for the SCCA Run-offs the year you put the TR8 on the pole for the big bore race. Broke our hearts when the car was crashed in the rain on the first lap. Glad to hear you're still around.
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