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    Please follow the format that I (Clint Cooper) created. This will help keep a similar look and feel to the Bio's. If you need help help loading pictures please ask me for help.

    Loading pictures:

    1.The easiest way I have found to load up a picture is to sign up with

    2. Once you have done this and loaded your picture to that site you will see the option under your loaded up photo that will say "post in a forum". Before you copy this text please click the box above the text that says 425. This is the size of the picture and will make it much more visible on the forum. If you copy this link and post it in the area you are writing you will have successfully loaded your picture.

    3. Any other questions email me @
    The Wedge Shop
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    Little Brit
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    Is there a limit on photo size? I use photobucket for posting pictures for another Forum and wonder if anyone uses it for posting to this forum.
    Paul C.
    1980 TR-7 Drop Hd Coupe
    1980 TR-7 Drop Hd Coupe 30th Anniversary Edition
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