Getting your car ready for winter storage - What you can do:

A few things you can do before you put you car away for the winter:

1. Overinflate your tires to 50 PSI - This guards against flat spotting your tires during the long winter. Be sure to take tire pressure out before you bring the car back out in the spring.

2. Oil Change with ester based oil - Ester based oils cling to your valve train, so that when you start the car after a long period of sitting, No need to change the filter but fresh ester based oil is a must to guard against wear.

3. Battery Tender - A peak hold battery tender is a must for any stored car. be sure you have one hooked up before you put your car away for the season.

4. Silicone Jell Bags - Very often forgotten, but these bags can be found in the hunting section of any sports store. Put these in your interior to keep out moisture.

5. Sonic Pest Repellent - Offered at any home depot, these electric units can slide under your car, or be put in your interior to keep pests away during a long winter. Very important so that they dont do thousands in damage when the spring comes.

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