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    Little Brit
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    Maybe the best idea I have shamelessly borrowed from someone on the internet. If you have tried to change your fluid on the TR8, you know how difficult it is to get to the filler plug. All you need is one of those little 12 volt compressors, 3ft. 3/8" O.D. clear tubing and an air needle (toy/ball/inflater needle).

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    WARNING: This fills fast at just a few pounds of air pressure. Takes maybe 30 sec. to empty a quart pulsing the compressor. I wouldn't even think of hooking it up to some sort of shop air. Watch the jug or you may blow it apart.

    Drill a 3/8" hole in the cap and a small hole in the neck of the jug of fluid. Careful, turning off the little compressor does not stop the flow of fluid. If it starts to overflow, pull the needle and let the air out of the jug.

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    Good idea. We use something similar, with just a small squirt can, but we have to refill a few times. We will try this out!

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    The GM synchromesh fluid fixed all the crunchy cold shifting problems!

    I was there the day the ex-SO purchased the TR8 from the dealer in 1980. The dealer, a fellow SCCA vette racer had used it as his 'demo' and it had 6,000 miles on it. We always thought he had messed up the 1st/2ed gear brass. Sometime after I purchased it from her in 1999, I read about the transmission oil pump and and replaced the fluid with Mobil 1 synthetic 75-90 fluid. No improvement.

    Drove it for the first time this year in yesterday's 55F temps. From the very first shift, very smooth and no crunch. *doing the Happy Dance*!!!
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    What I do (and will need to do again the next week or so..) wuz take my bottle of Penzoil syncromesh and a long rubber hose that seals snuggly over the bottles opening (pointy-cap part, not threaded part). Attach hose from filler hole to the bottle, stand alongside the car hold bottle upside down and squeeze. Makes a little mess if your not careful but has worked for me for many years!
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    hi new to the group.i have a 1980 tr8 5 speed that is now leaking transmission fuild.i would rather not replace the seal now,is there any sealer that i could add to stop it. would appreciate any help thanks
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