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  1. #1 Fix for tire rubbing front inner fender when backing up 
    If you have ever noticed that your front wheels rub while cutting the wheel and backing up at the same time here is a quick fix to help resolve your problem.

    The first picture is of an stock original uncut fender.
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    The second picture shows where you need to cut. You can see there is a clean line where the fender and inner well meet that you need to trim.
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    Last picture is of a trimmed inner fender. Sorry it is of the opposite side as the other ones.
    Name:  fenderwell2.jpg
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    This should solve all of your rubbing problems and only takes like 20 minutes. Just make sure to file down any burrs that the trimming might leave.

    The Wedge Shop
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    It works. No more rub. Thanks!!

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    I have a 79 tr7 and am experiencing this... The pictures from this older post are no longer attached to the links. Any way to repost?
    I was contemplating going down to the smaller original tires 175/70/13 from the 185/70/13 that are on it thinking that may cure the problem. Glad I found this post. Thanks for helping!
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