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    This technical how-to shows you how to replace your dried up leaky oil pan gasket while the motor is still in the car and without the drop the sub-frame. Also can be used as a reference on how-to change your rod bearings while the motor is still in the car.

    You want to start by supporting the motor. A bottle jack works well for this. Place the jack underneath the crank pulley. You just need to support it initially, don't jack it up.
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    Next you want to take out the motor mount bolts. This is easily done by using a 11/16 or 17mm ratchet and wrench. Take both sides out completely. After you have done this. Use your bubble jack to lift the motor until you can easily access the front oil pan bolts. (Next picture)
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    We use a 1/4 ratchet for ease of use since the space is tight. As show in the next few pictures.

    Side bolts
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    Once you have gotten the side bolts out the rears are pretty easy. At this point you may need to lift the motor a little more to easily remove the pan.
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    After pan has been cleaned and removed of the old gasket. Apply a liberal amount of sealant to the metal on the pan (We use Permatex ultra grey) Next seat gasket to pan.

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    Let set for 10 to 15 minutes
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    Then apply sealant to the gasket.
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    Be sure to remember not to mix up the bolts for the end support as these bolts are longer. We showed the other bolts for comparison. You only need the two long ones.

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    You are now ready to put your pan back on.

    Make sure to snug bolts until the gasket is slightly compressing out. DO NOT over-tighten.

    The Wedge Shop
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    This method works. I used it several weeks ago to replace my oil pan gasket. I only wish that it had been posted last month and saved me some brain work.
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