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    This project can be done with everything in the car. If you have a sawzall it will make your life a lot easier as you have to trim the top radiator fan support. It is really tough to get a hack saw in there.

    This is the first picture where you will want to unplug the fans.

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    This is the passenger plug that you will also want to unplug

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    This is one of the brackets you will want to trim. There is one on each side. Once you trim the top of these off the support will fall right out.

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    If you were to take the assembly out you need to undo the lower bolts and cut the top brackets off.

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    You can reference pictures DSCF0603 through DSCF0612 below.

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    We are using one of our Aluminum radiators for the purpose of showing you to install.

    If you order the fan from us you will get the small tubing to use when putting the fan mounts through the radiator.

    We like to mount the radiator on the backside of the radiator (closer to the front of the car) if you have a non ac car. It will not fit this way with a condenser in the way.

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    Once you have the fan lined up, you will want to push a screw driver and open up the fins in between the tubs. Don't rush this part. We are doing this to be able to push the tubing through
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    Next push the tubing through the radiator. We use this so the fan supports do not rub through over time.

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    Next slide the spacer over the tubing. Then cut the tubing.

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    Next push all mounting sticks through and push the stoppers down on them.

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    To wire everything back up. The yellow wire on the drivers side is the ground. Slide the black wire from the fan up to the yellow and blue wire from the fan to the other wire. Either splice them together or put on female connectors and plug then into the original plug. This will keep everything working off the existing temp sensor.

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    Then put everything back together.

    If you have any questions please call 508-880-5448 or visit

    The Wedge Shop
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    The Wedge Shop
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    Maradyne fan wiring

    I would like some detailed information on wiring instructions. There are three wires on the plug that was connected to one of the stock fan motors. Two of the wires are ground and are Slate/Yellow leading from the low and high speed relays. The third wire is Purple/Pink and is the hot wire leading to the positive side of the battery. Should both of the Slate/Yellow wires be spliced to together along with the Black wire from the Maradyne fan. The remaining wire which is the Purple/Pink wire (hot) should be connected to the Blue wire to the Maradyne fan. Is this correct?
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    Yes the yellow/slate are the grounds and should be hooked to the black on the Maradyne.

    The Wedge Shop
    The Wedge Shop
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    I would like to install a fan switch, so that I have the control over the fan. Have you ever done that? What do I need to do to make the switch work.
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