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Well things have been busy around the shop. We have been working on some bigger projects one of which just finished up.

We put a new 3.9 motor together for customer Paul Rego in his 1980 Triumph TR8. We replaced a 3.5 that had been overheated. The car now runs great and Paul is really enjoying it in the crisp fall air.

We also have had some real standout performances by some customers in their Wedges recently.

Jeff Young

Jeff just won the SCCA southeast division ITS championship. This is the most competitive ITS division in the country. Over 100 cars. Tracks from Sebring to VIR to Barber. 30 orso races. Many years of car and driver development. These old cars can still be competitive against newer BMWs and Mazdas and Acuras and the old Z cars. Good work Jeff!

Mark Lasota

Mark took his TR8 to the $2011 GRM (Grass Roots Motorsports) Challenge.He plans to take it back again in $2012, because he thinks it has a lot of potential to best a lot of the Challenge favorites.(We commonly see a lot of Turbo Miatas, turbo Civics, and V-8 powered BMWs and RX7s)It weighed in at 2012 lbs, and that's motivated Mark to get her down to the 1900 lb range (Even with a V-8 motor). Great work Mark!

Keep up the good work!

The Wedge Shop