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    The British car is proud to bring you this forum. Started by The Wedge Shop, for the benefit of the British car world, The British Car is aimed at bringing knowledge and a community together. We are passionate about our cars and even more passionate about helping others keep them on the road.

    As our cars get older, we need to have a place that provides the ability for enthusiasts to converse and share knowledge. Without places like this, the information will get lost, along with the value of our cars. The forum is aimed at bring together British car enthusiast from all the various marques to a place where they can share stories, technical problems and parts for sale.

    We do aim to attend one big event each year, which will always be posted in our "National Events" section of the forum. This is a great chance to meet fellow members, show off the cars and understand what our car culture is all about.

    The British Car will provide the community with as much of our technical expertise as we can with the continuing effort to keep as many British cars on the road as possible. Please feel free to shoot us a PM or Email us at

    Thank You

    The British Car
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