Thread: Proper location for a PCV valve on aRover 3.5 ?

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  1. #1 Proper location for a PCV valve on aRover 3.5 ? 
    What is the proper location for a PCV valve on a Rover 3.5 V8 ? I have a '85 110 and there are vent lines going to engine ,carb and valve covers but I don't see any PVC valves are they necessary ?
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    The early non federalized Rover V8s.....with twin carbs did not have PCVs but had charcole cannisters and flame traps in the venting systems.
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    Is there anything negitive about not having one if it is plumbed into the carb ? I have replaced the stock duel carbs with a single 500 cfm Edelbrock
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    You should be able to run the valve cover breather into the carb base or put a PCV inline on the hose to the base. I know there is a port for a large hose most run to the brake booster but your intake should have the one way valve al ready set up for a power break booster. Stay away from running it into the air cleaner/ will get messy and if you ever back!
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