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  1. #1 top hats or pin liners ? 
    Looking to the pros here . in order to keep liners from moving (from over heating issues) it it better to use top hats or pin liners ?
    I just do not see the value in top hats. You're talking $60 to $90 per hole.
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    A friend of mine did top hat liners and had to use exotic head gaskets and o-rings with enlarged head studs with modifications to the head stud holes in the the end after several head gasket issues the engine is awesome and 4.4 liters but would he do it again.....nope. I have not heard of anyone using pin liners yet in a rover.
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    On the option of pinning liners, in fact I have heard this method being used in Australia. I have a couple of short paragraphs from an email a few years ago, mentioning that MR Automotive in Brisbane doing exactly this technique to stop the liners moving down in the bores.
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