Thread: TRF Summer Party 2010 July 29, 30 & 31st Armargh, PA

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    Good time had by all. We made it home in one piece. Left with 5 8's came home with 4. Zach Torman lost 5th gear and decided to keep the car at roadster.

    Ended up with 25-28 wedges I believe.

    All the pics are up! Click here for pics

    Videos to come.

    The Wedge Shop
    The Wedge Shop
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    The TR7 & TR8 group arrived at Roadster Factory for dinner

    Hanging at the autocross on Saturday morning

    Saturday prepping cars for the show on Main Street in Indiana.

    Here is a casulty of the previous nights festivities....

    The cars and owners on Main Street

    Snacks @ Coventry Inn

    Then a few hours later a miracle! He is ALIVE!

    It was a great gathering of the old and new. We had some cars that by the end of the weekend were fixed and broken.
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    i had a geat time at the party and would like to thank Woody and his friends for making me feel welcome. I plan on being there next year, hopefully with a running TR8

    Jim Stuart
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    Had a great time this weekend. Hopefully TRF will be keeping this party going.
    Hey 5th gear, are your ears still ringing from the drive home?

    P.S. All my wrenches made it back home and in the toolbox.
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    Rob-Zack left the car at Roadster to be towed back home. I guess 4th was making noises too so to be safe it was left behind.

    In the end we had one TR8 with a blown up transmission, one TR8 with a broken throttle cable and starter......fixed at show and Lorenz with the orange coupe hit a chunk on steel putting two....TWO 6-inch long tears/punchures through the floors but made it home. Zack, Zack, Zack.........have you not learned your lesson my boy! :twisted:
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