You know, I have been hearing about how badly we are treated when we join a car club or hang out with other Triumphs. We bemoan the fact that are cars don't seem to have any market value. So, whose fault it this bad treatment?

Well, it's ours! We have the knowledge and the updated parts to make our cars the best Triumphs on the road. Most of us have done that already. So, why are we looked down upon?

Because we allow it! We don't show up for car shows. We don't demand higher prices for our car when we have to sell them. We sit around and complain instead of becoming active.

The TWOA has less than 350 members, the TR7 Forum has about 250 cars at last count, and as a group we have no TR7/8 specific activities other than showing up at TRF Summer Party. If we started having our own shows and meets, come out in force to all the VTR Regionals and National conventions, Triumphest and made our presence known. If we actually actually showed off cars, then maybe we could get the hundreds of TR7/8 setting in garages and barns back on the road.

Can't we get off the couch or at least dead-center and get organized? The structure is in place. We just have to get involved, volunteer to do things and get the ball rolling. I tried to get a Ralley going for this year, but ran into one stumbling block. I think that problem has been solved or will be soon, so that next year I can make at least one thing happen.

Now, what are you going to do this summer? I am going to drive my Triumph TR7 or TR8! Wait, how about this April? The SC Region Convention is in Texas. Wouldn't it be cool if the TR7/8s outnumbered the TR6s? I'll be there and so will Jim TenCate and Dave Massey. I am going to drive my Triumph!

Clay Thompson
VTR SC Region Coordinator