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    I've found a little specific information about bumper weight, mainly in Peter Nuss' post about dropping 30lbs.

    I bought a replacement front bumper for my TR8 and found it to be surprisingly heavy. Comparing the old and new, I found two massive chunks of steel welded inside the "wings" of the new bumper.
    Rough measurements and calculations put them at about 10 lbs each.
    I have learned that they may have been placed there to eliminate a shaking problem, one that I have not noticed with my non-weighted bumper.
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    Without taking the bumper skin off, I'm going to assume the small holes are for fasteners on the other side of the weight.
    Unless someone thinks the car may handle better with an additional 20lbs hanging off the front, I'm going to attempt to remove them and see what happens.
    Report to follow.....

    '80 TR8 - Wedgie

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    I got the bumper cover off which was much easier that I thought it would be. Almost every screw and nut was loose. Going back on with nylock nuts and purple Locktite.

    The weights were held in with a pair of T-40 screws, and it took a hammer drill to remove them.

    They weigh in at 9.4 pounds each.

    I'll let you know what happens when it gets on the road.


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    I removed the weights from my DHC, and didn't notice any problems. I eventually also removed the rubber mounts, and mounted the bumper directly to the frame (you will have to drill some new holes).
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    I put the euro bumpers front and rear on the Turbo TR and dropped about another 30 lbs overall compared to the non weighted bumpers and I didnt notice any shimmy issues.

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