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    So this past weekend I was fortunate enough to buy and pick up Bill Sweetings TR8 Coupe (The Wedge Shop actually helped with the pick up and delivery which went very well), which joins my TR8 coupe (chocolate thunder) in the garage.

    For those of you who don't know Bill Sweeting, he was a great person, friend and overall car enthusiast who succumbed to Leukemia in 2009 . Bill was actually the founder of the TR8 Car Club of America which has evolved into today's TWOA car club. Throughout the years Bill was an incredible proponent of the TR8 and was one of the major catalysts for much of the brands awareness and memorabilia that still exists today.

    After Bill passed he left his coupe to his brother (he also had a convertible that he left to a friend in FL) who took care of the car for the next 6 years. Unfortunately his brother passed away recently and after getting in touch with his widow I was able to purchase his coupe.

    This car was originally a Tahiti Blue automatic, however soon after Bill purchased it he sent it to Woody for a full 'going through' including a conversion to a 5 speed, full repaint, cam/4barrell/headers/intake, suspension goodies.... and yes, cruise control and A/C.

    My plan is have The Wedge Shop go through the vehicle and get it back on the road this summer. I've always wanted a coupe with a sliding roof as it blends the comfort of the coupe with the open driving of a convertible, and now I can do so, while still also honoring Bill by driving his pride and joy.

    I've included a few pictures of it below from the pick up this past weekend, will add some more photos once I've been able to give it some elbow grease.

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    Congratulations Zack! Nice to see the Bills car back in circulation. I remember the car from Roadster and Stowe and Bill was a great guy.

    Joe 77TR7/Supercharged Buick V6
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    Little Brit
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    nice find , congrats on becoming the newest caretaker of this famous coupe!!
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    Little Brit
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    Bill's TR8.... nice to see it again, and I'm looking forward to seeing it hit the road this summer. What a quandry... which TR8 goes to TRF?!?!
    I'm glad you got it Zack, Bill would be pleased that his coupe stayed 'in the family'.
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    Some work done on the car at The Wedge Shop last week. Running and driving like a top now!

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    The Wedge Shop
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