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    Please go through this link to contact the buyer -

    The Wedge Shop helped to get this race car back on the road and built the current motor. Strong engine built to race spec, and built to last.

    Description courtesy of

    "Here is an opportunity for a very unique car probably the only G44 Triumph TR8 replica made as driven by Bob Tulius in 1979-1980 IMSA campaign, Rover V8, worldclass T5 5 speeds, Wilwood 4 pistons caliper at the front, cobra caliper at the rear, mustang 8.8 rearend,4 links with coilovers adjustable dampers, new engine rebuilt in 2015 6hours track use since then ,born as a TR7 the car had been converted with a Rover V8 stroked to 4.9l, roller rockers, buick 300 heads, ported big valves,accusump, 5 points harness, OMP racing seat,fire sense fire suppression syst. 2200 lbs without driver 360hp and lots of torque the car is impressive, could be tune to 450hp with newer style heads, runs on FA slicks the car underwent a rotisserie restauration 5 years ago, absolutly stunning located in Montreal ran 1.55 at St Jovite/ Mont Tremblant Qc Canada
    Comes with few spares extra set of rims with Hoosier wet, buyer will be responsible to pick up the car in the Montreal Qc Canada area, price 60,000 US$ wich is a fraction of the cost needed to built it,
    Available as well, a super nice 8X20 enclosed trailer equipped with cabinets, tire rack, a fridge and a microwave close to be a living quarter for 8000 US$ The trailer is not for sale without the car for now.

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    Having seen this car up close, it is superb and flawless.
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