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    I have only bad experience Freelander 2. The worst part - communication with the staff of the company.
    By car I drove 1.5 years, mileage 71000 km .. Immediately after the machine has become the guarantee of break. And childhood diseases, and a transmission. Another serious drawback - it does not start in cold weather below -35 degrees Celsius. Do not run Webasto. Not enough battery power to start the engine. Dealer blames bad fuel, but it is not. My friend easily Volvo plant in such cold weather. We will refuel at a gas station.

    The most important thing. Disgusting service at the dealership. Refuse costly warranty repairs. Throughout the blame poor fuel. Now require replacement of the entire fuel equipment. It does not perform any diagnostics. I'll go to court. I want to say about Inna Kirillova and Mr. Gavrilov. They do not care about customers

    Sergeev Ivan
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