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    Hey guys,

    I bought my first Triumph, a 1975 TR-7 with the 2.0L "slant-four" a few weeks ago, knowing the engine had a blown head gasket and that it would need a little work. What I was NOT anticipating, was seeing the cylinders full of something that looked like cottage cheese (the car has sat for about two years with the blown head, so the coolant coagulated).

    So, I need to do a complete engine rebuild.

    I have an engine shop in Rochester (MN) working on the head right now, and I have yet to pull the engine, but I am going to have the same shop deck and hone or re-bore the cylinders, hot tanking, etc. to get the block back in shape. I'd like to make some upgrades and improve the performance of my engine while I have it apart, and am curious to know what you guys would recommend doing. I don't have a "price is no object" budget on this rebuild, but I am not opposed paying a little extra for better performance. So, I'm curious to know what you'd do in my position.

    Appreciate any thoughts and suggestions you have.
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    Do not expect to get a lot of performance out of the 2.0 liter. For reason I've never completely understood, the 2.0 liter was always a dog of a motor that was never easy to upgrade and isn't performance friendly. However, having said that, I highly recommend going with .030" over on the pistons, install larger valves if possible, and install a header with free flowing exhaust. I really liked the Monza system because it burbles on downshifts just right. Also, upgrade to a 5-speed manual, no need to torture yourself with the 4-speed. There are not a lot of performance items available for this motor so don't expect more than 20-30 hp gain. There was at one point performance carb needles available, haven't looked in years, but I never tried those. My father did the larger pistons and the exhaust system w/ headers and there was a very noticeable improvement, especially by making it easier to rev to the higher rpms and opened up potentially in the motor. This combo was by far the fastest 2.0 liter I've ever driven, including fuel injected versions. Also, upgrade the distributor by installing electronic ignition inside the distributor and upgrade the ignition coil. Definitely worth the money. If you want real power, dump the 4 cylinder, install a 3.5 liter V8. At that point, performance enhancements are limited only by budget.
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    You can get high compression pistons for the engine also, which will help the engine produce more HP. They raise the compression ratio from 8.0 to 9.5 and will add a few HP. There are cams available for the engine also, though not as many as there used to be. Breathing is important to the 2.0 litre engine, and an exhaust header will help open up the car. Regarding needles, B1BF needles are from the Stag, and help the car run with a proper mixture with the ethanol blended fuels here. You'll run lean otherwise, and you will need the extra fuel if you add the pistons, cam, and header.
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    Hi; I have a rebuilt TR7 engine I got stuck with. It's from a 1979 TR7. It's complete carbs to pan. The cylinder head was rebuilt, including pressure testing & surfacing. The block was bored & honed .030", w/new pistons & rings. The crankshaft was reground, w/new bearings. It has all new gaskets & a new water pump. If you want to take a ride to Lancaster new york, outside of Buffalo, you can have the whole thing for $975. Call me at 716-684-8971
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