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    I hblock in it have a7 with a 350 chev small block it has aluminum heads and intake so is lighter than castiron heads an ls1 I believe is all aluminum it should be pretty cool
    I am curious on how you mounted the engine? I hope to start mine this year. Did you put the mounts on the subframe only or did you mount them to the engine bay walls? I bought a Toyota truck with a 22re engine and I was thinking about using that. It sits in the backyard beside the TR7. I must have a thousand questions to ask you about the smallblock 350 conversion.
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    Hi Rhonie my car is still away in storage (my garage) it will be out in a couple of weeks I can send you photos of the engine mounts or anything you like it's good to see someone else using a small block chev.So in the meantime ask any questions you like.Thanks John
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    Curious to any updates to this project? I've just started on one of my own as well, its a Coupe with a Gen3 5.3, was carving up the firewall necessary? How are you mounting it?
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