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    Hey All,
    I'm new to the thread, but an old DIE HARD fan of the 7, and am wondering who if anyone has seen one or heard of one completed with an LS1 motor.
    Thanks in advance...
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    I have heard of it being done, but I don't know much more than that.

    The Rover V8 is very light, so I think it will change your handling with a heavier engine. The Toyota V8 is in the same weight range as the Rover V8, and I have heard of at least 2 successes with the Toyota V8.

    If you have a few hours, read this thread of putting a Toyota V8 in a wedge.

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    I am attempting to put an LM7 (5.3l gen III Iron block truck engine) In a 7. I so far have carved the fire wall to set the engine back about 4 inches. That puts the 3rd and 4th cyls inline with the shock tower. I just bought a close ratio super T-10 from a '70's pontiac. Supposedly, with the right parts I can bolt a Big-block truck bellhousing up, and the LS/Gen III 168 tooth flywheel will fit. I went this way because a T-56 goes for absurd money, and I didn't have the patience to look for a deal lol. I am planing on upgrading the front brakes, and I have already fit coilovers in the front and rear. I am also running 15"s with a 4x100 BC. However, that might change with the brake upgrade. I also plan on adding an intank fuel pump, as I have had issues with vapor lock on a previous project with a external EFI pump. In terms of fitment, the truck intake is well above the fenderline, the truck pan sump is well below the crossmember, but the factory cast exhaust manifolds seem to fit. There might be trouble around the steering shaft or the starter, but I don't think its anything a smaller starter and another u-joint in the steering wont fix! I plan on running a lower profile intake(LS1) and the F-body pan, although that might need some clearance still.

    Also the truck water pump will need to be swapped for the f-body unit.
    I wanted the LS1, but these truck motors are cheap and weigh only 80lbs more over the LS1 from what I've read. The l33 is an aluminum block 5.3L but is fairly rare. I bought mine for $250. Let me know if you have questions. I will try to get a build thread going on this forum once I have more progress.
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    There is a big engine in Tim Lanocha's car. Love to hear more about yours.
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    PLEASE keep me posted.

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    What kind of wheels are those?
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    Can't log in to see.

    Could you cut and paste?
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    The Wedge Shop
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    That car is so cool. Talking about big engines in triumphs, here is a spitfire that we mounted a 317kw Allison turbine in. Swing axles, stock diff, brakes and all
    Dangerous as heck!
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    I hblock in it have a7 with a 350 chev small block it has aluminum heads and intake so is lighter than castiron heads an ls1 I believe is all aluminum it should be pretty cool
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