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    I was wondering if theres a way to check that the keyed slot fot the pump is alaigned correctly, before installing in a 7? I'm rebuilding a gearbox now, and it wall went toghterfine, and turns freely, but it just seemslike its easy to mis align the keyed slot for the pump, and not know it, any suggestions?
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    There is a procedure documented in the factory Repair Operations Manual for testing transmission pump oil flow. There is a small grub screw that is removed from underneath the tail section of the gearbox, and with engine running (gearbox in neutral), the flow of oil coming out is checked/measured.

    It takes some time and effort to do, but if you want to be sure, this would prove it.
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    thanks for the response, I'll give it a try, I haven't installed it yet so I might connect the input shaft to a drill or something, and see if I get some flow,
    Thx again
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