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    I originally noticed a chirping sound coming from my bell housing area when shifting from 1st to 2nd, and continuing the whole time I was driving in 2nd gear. Then I noticed it was happening in multiple gears at around 2500 RPM.

    The car runs and shifts fine.

    While parked in my driveway I discovered that I could reproduce the chirping sound with the car at rest by revving it up to 2500 RPM in neutral or in gear with the clutch in or out. I removed the belt to rule out alternator, viscous coupling, etc. Also, I can't really hear it if I rev the engine with my head under the bonnet. The noise is the loudest if I kneel on the ground and work the gas pedal with my hand with my ear near the transmission tunnel. It has the steel oil pump gear and Penzoil Synchromesh fluid in it. I installed a new three piece clutch kit and roller pilot bearing about a year and 2,000 mile ago.

    Any thoughts?

    1980 TR7 DHC
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    Did you rule out the exhaust? That happened to me on my Spitfire. The exhaust would vibrate against the frame at certain RPMS. Try having someone run the engine while while you lie underneath it with a stethoscope and try to pin point the noise. If you say its from the bellhousing, could be the throwout bearing. Best to find exactly where the noise is coming from.
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    Sounds like the throw out bearing is bad.
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