As winter starts to rear its ugly head here in New England we are on a mad dash to finish up what we think is one of the greatest TR8 Restorations ever to be completed. Roger Katowski's TR8 will essentially be the closest thing to brand new when we are done. It is a very performance minded car with all the best things we ( have to offer. We will have a full write up on specs and a nice photo shoot when we are done.

Only things left to do are the exhaust, interior and the little stuff.

Here is a quick teaser video of the Fuel injection system by Professional Products.

If you can't see the video please go to your profile and check off "Always Allow HTML"

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We are also now carrying Royal Purple motor oil. We use this in all of our cars and feel is it far superior to any other synthetics out there.

Royal Purple Motor Oil for Sale

Here is a nice article

Oil Comparison
The Results are near the end of the document.

This also leads into my next topic. We have re-done our Gallery and started .PDF Archiving a lot of documents off the web. This is a personal collection as well as stuff gathered from some other websites. We think this is great for our customers to be able to have access to all the great articles.

We have a lot to add, but have a good amount up and running already.

Well thanks for the continued Support.

Also look for a new TWOA website that is in the works. Should be up and running within the Week. Our forum is now the go to forum of the TWOA.