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    The summer months are quickly passing us by and thing have been busy at The Wedge Shop. We finished up a few big project over the last month and have taken on another.

    We finished Rand Torman's motor rebuild, along with Roger Katowski's complete car build. We have taken on Benoit LaFlamme's TR8 race car build and are rebuilding the motor and drivetrain. We are very happy with the progress on this car so far. The 4.9 motor we built put down 350hp.

    Here is his build thread

    The The Roadster Factory Summer Party was this past weekend and ended up with 25-28 wedges I believe. It was another fun year, but the numbers were certainly lacking. We hope this goes on next year, but it is hard to tell at this point. Highlights were that we had 4 Wedges below the 13 second mark, forum member Jim Underwood took first in the TR8 class car show and BAD8 who took 3rd in the Drags. Forum member John Knowles, myself and Zach Torman took 1, 2 and 3 in the Modified Autocross class. Tim Lanocha took his Group 44 replica car into the 11's in the drags and took 2nd place in the TR8 class.

    All the pics are up! Click the pic below for more pictures

    Videos to follow

    Lastly just wanted to let everyone know that we have largely expanded our Rally car gallery.

    Check out all the links. Click the picture

    Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

    The Wedge Shop
    The Wedge Shop
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    Great job on the photos Clint! Just to make it clear to everyone, I got first at the car show. No way I was beating your dad at the drags. :wink:
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