Hope everyone is battling the snow and cold this winter. Some of those in the south have been lucky enough to experience what snow is like for us up north this year. Hope you are enjoying it!

We wanted to first start out by letting you know we have added a few new items to our site over the last few months.

Door Sensor Switch - $5.99

OEM style Fuses - .99 cents each

Clutch/Brake Pedal Pads - $5.99 each

We also added a spread sheet to keep track of TR8 quarter mile times. We thought this would be nice to have as a reference for those looking to do upgrades. You can see what can of specs another car has and how it has performed.

<iframe src="https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0AmecP2xltpvadG5MdkQwTG9VaUxPeEgyNEVvZUdYc FE&hl=en&output=html" width="85%" height="400">
<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>

We have also added to our extensive gallery of Brochures, Magazines, Advertisements and other random wedge related literature to our website. We added the most to the Advertisements and Random Sections.

Be sure to check it here ----> Click to get to Articles

Lastly I wanted to mention that all of our sites are now Mobile Phone accessible. You can now search all of our parts, videos or pictures right from your smart phone!

Woody & Clint
The Wedge Shop