As spring gets delayed once again around New England we have a lot of projects going on at The Wedge Shop.

In order to further our commitment in the TR8 world we recently purchased We really enjoy the content of this site and will be transferring it over to soon.

We have continued work on Henry Hall's 1978 TR8. You may remember this thread from when he first picked it up 1978 TR8 Coupe NH CraigslistWe have redone the suspension, gas tank and rebuilding the top half of the motor. The motor had some bent valves and push rods. It should be completed in the next few weeks. Henry plans on keeping the car stock for now and slowly modifying it over the years.

In other news the BAD8 will be getting a new cam this year. We can't reveal all the details, but I can say that the idle is not going to get any smoother. Look for some new videos in the near future.... well when the snow melts.

We have started a lot of new small parts to our website which everyone really seems to enjoy.

Check out the store for the new deals!

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