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    Hey guys, my name is Jay from Atlanta, GA USA. I'm trying to build this rover v8 to running condition as absolutely easily and with the least amount of money as possible. I don't mind spending money but I don't want to blow it trying to make a bunch of power that I don't need. Here are some pictures of the engine as it sits and if you can look at it and tell me what it needs that would be ideal. Granted you aren't going to be able to tell everything but just suggestions.

    The goal is to have this engine running. Carb'd with the most simple wiring as possible. I have ditched the EFI stuff and I have a edlebrock intake on it (haven't bought a carb yet) and I have a set of hedman headers. What would you buy to get it going on a budget not trying make max power? Most simple and cheap ignition and charging setup etc . I just need an alternator and no accessories. No power goal in mind just running. Stock power plus whatever the 4bbl carb (prob Edle 500), intake and headers give me is plenty for now. BTW, this is a 94 or 95 Land Rover Discovery lump I believe and has 9.35 to 1 CR.

    I have two sets of valve covers and I don't know which ones I need since I'm not familiar with the PCV routing on these.

    I am pondering what to do about the routing of the belt. I stripped the power steering and a/c off but I have to do something here. I need new brackets or switch to the older style pullies to make a GM alternator work. The most simple way the better.

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    Anything guys? What distributor, coil, alternator would you run? What would you buy from here just to get it running cheaply? Thanks
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    For a distributor we would recommend running the Pertronix as it works well and is on the cheaper side. $225

    You can run a standard lucas coil that only costs $35

    For the alternator setup, we have aftermarket brackets and turnbuckles adjusters you can buy, but not sure that is in the budget. You will have a hard time finding a stock ALT bracket as most of them crack. Stock style ALT is $120

    For a carb you can take a look at Summit as they sell some fairly cheap in house brand 4 barrels similar to the Holleys that we really like.

    Good luck on the build and give us a call for any advice!

    The Wedge Shop
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    Thanks Clint!
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