First we wanted to thank you for making the transition to our new forum. We understand there are still some bugs to work out, but know that this platform will help our community grow.

We would like to quickly point out some key features of the new forum.

-Add photos directly from your computer
-Enhanced search functionality
-Add photo gallery to your profile
-Direct email alerts to topics you post on
-No irrelevant advertisements
-Quickly see new posts since you last visit with the "What's New?" tab
-Add new events to the forum calendar
-Variety of British car sections
-Large For Sale section

We hope you all join us on the forum and if you are having trouble with your username please don't hesitate to email us at

In other news the registration is now open for The Roadster Factory 2012 car show August 2-4th. The British Car faithful along with The Wedge Shop will be heading down on Wednesday night from The Wedge Shop headquarters in Taunton, MA.

Registration link -
The British Car thread -
Facebook Event -

This has always been a great show and we would love to see everyone there. We will have The British Car t shirts for those on the forum that show up, free of charge.

Lastly as spring rolls around it is time to test out the cars. We recently dynoed The Wedge Shop's BAD8 Triumph TR8 and pulled an impressive 299whp (wheel horsepower) and will be seeing what the car is made of this weekend as we bring it up to the local Dragway. Stay tuned!

BAD8 Dyno video -
Dyno Sheet -

The British Car