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Size:  68.9 KBThis was my favourite toy untill I shipped it to USA and discovered the 55MPH speed-limit that was operational in the state of Florida at that time, my first attempt to drive from Orlando to Tampa was an absolute disaster, with heat, with cops, with state-troopers and with people hanging way out of passing car windows taking pictures,at that speed not enough air would enter the grill apeture to keep the cooling working, the cops were only nosey and/or wanted to have a test ride,(no chance) the state-troopers (no comment? ). The final drive ratio was designed to blast down German autobahns at 170MPH but the camshafts would not allow the engine to run cleanly in 2nd gear at 55. So the whole trip was a nightmare and I soon got fed up watching my rear view mirrors for blue flasher lamps.