Been a few months since we had an update.

Things have been busy and the summer is flying by. We are sure most of you feel this way.

We attended our big wedge gathering in Fredrick, MD in early June. It was a great show and will be something we (The Wedge Shop) and the TWOA will be building on for the next few years. We had around 18 Wedges at the show in total and some good performances on the drag strip. Our TR7 V8 shop car ran a 14.105 @ 97mph with just a high compression 3.5lt. This is the fastest we have run with a 3.5 street car. We were still running 13in tires!

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We are seeing an increase demand in TR7 parts and performance as of late. Given this we went ahead and starting making our Heavy Duty Driveshafts for the TR7. These are a time proven piece in all our TR8's and now are available for your TR7.

On special until the end of August $375 CLICK HERE FOR PRODUCT

Lasty we wanted to share our newest section on our website with everyone. The "Technical" section is a combination of PDF articles, Schematics, Parts lists and Diagrams all related to the TR7, TR8 and Rover V8. In a constant effort to preserve and maintain our beloved cars we want to keep offering documents like these to the public. With your support we are able to obtain and organize material like this on our site for your benefit.


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