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  1. Hesitation/Surge during driving on a mostly stock TR8
  2. Edelbrock four barrel conversion installation tips.
  3. Fix for tire rubbing front inner fender when backing up
  4. Cam Theory and the Rover V8
  5. Lighter flywheels
  6. Oil Pan Gasket w/ motor in Car
  7. TR8 Fuel Tank Help
  8. PS Rack Removal.
  10. New starter woes
  11. Whats wrong with this picture
  12. Cam break-in Procedure
  13. Triumph TR8/Rover V8 Cam install guide
  14. Maradyne Fan Install
  15. Heart Transplant
  16. TR8 plate bracket born from TR6 bracket
  17. Trim rail re & re
  18. Triumph TR8 ECU Troubleshooting
  19. Triumph TR8 OEM Part Numbers List with Diagrams
  20. TR-7 Cylinder HD Studs
  21. rover 4.6 into tr8 heater hose outlet and thermostat bypass? how to
  22. want to paint the rims
  23. Oil pumps - an alternative to vasoline
  24. Braided clutch hose routing